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R2F Counsellors

Kavitha has 22 years of Administration and Human Resources, People Management and Customer Management experience in various private sectors. Counselling Psychologist in the field of pre-marriage and post-marriage counselling, family and children counselling using therapies like CBT, REBT, SFBT, Student and Career Counselling.

Salim holds Master's in Counselling Psychology and is a certified Counselling Psychologist. He has 25+ years of experience with corporates in Delivery functions which include Planning, Execution of large projects and Organization Development and Employee Relations. He has experience in designing soft skills and behavioural training programs. As a private practitioner he offers individual and group counselling.

Soumya has 14+ years of experience with corporates in Human resources functions which include Training & Development and Employee relations. She has worked with Colleges & Schools and particularly enjoys her work with young adults. Her current focus involves setting up her own counselling practice and to be able reach out to different strata of the society. She coordinates the counselling &therapy team of TTK hospitals.

Soundaram Natarajan holds master's in Counselling Psychology and is a certified Psychological Counselor. She has 20 years of corporate experience and has been working extensively on mental health wellbeing of employees in the workplace for the last six years. As a private practitioner she offers individual counselling. Currently, she works for an NGO and handles Adolescent counselling.'

Usha Pugal is a qualified counselling psychologist with a Post Graduate degree in Guidance and Counselling besides M.Phil in Education. She has done various certificate courses in psychology like NLP and TA. She is associated as a counselor supporting HIV positive children and as a content developer for an educational institute.

Venky Lakshman is a counselling psychologist with a master's degree in counselling psychology and Post graduate diploma in Guidance and Counselling. He offers individual and group counselling at workplace for the employees approaching with Stress, Anxiety, Depression related problems. As a motivational speaker, he also conducts classes for the corporate people in creating awareness on emotional well-being and other related topics.

Vikram P K is working in a corporate sector as a Team Leader with master's in commerce and Psychological Counselor with master's in psychology. He has done his certification in several areas of psychological counselling



Kannan Parthasarathy is a practising counselling psychologist with master’s degree in psychology offering individual counselling and group counselling in both Corporate and Individuals. He also offers career guidance to students and working professionals. He is certified in various counselling techniques like CBT, SFBT, NLP, TA, Metaphors of Movement. He is also trained in Career & Educational Counselling.

P.Gomathi Sasi Priya holds Master's degree in Social work with specialisation in Medical psychiatry and is a certified counselor from CCF. She is currently a school counselor and she enjoys working with children.