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Orientation Session & Assessment for Agaram Outstation Students

The R2F Team had conducted orientation session on Counselling for the Agaram outstation students who are in Trichy, Dindigul and Coimbatore. The sessions were conducted in Trichy and Dindigul for around 200+ students. The objective of these sessions is to explain students about what is counselling, who needs counselling, overall counselling approach by the R2F team, how will they benefit from the counselling etc. At the end of the session, whoever needs counselling came forward to provide their details to take it forward.

Subsequently, the R2F team had conducted the assessment test for the students who asked for the counselling. This is to prioritize them based on their assessment scores to conduct Individual Counselling and Group Counselling in batches.





Group Counselling for Chennai students:

Group Counselling session was organized for the Agaram students based on the assessment by the R2F counsellors. As friendship problems and anger related issues were the predominant problems that were affecting the mental health of the students, Group counselling was conducted on two topics Peer relationship management and Anger management. Two group counselling sessions were held on each topic and each group consisted of 12-15 participants. The sessions were held on July 21st and on Aug 4th 2019.

Group counselling sessions were well received by the Agaram students and they discussed their issues freely.





Session on Psycho Sexual Health and Hygiene for Chennai based Agaram boys:

The most awaited, need of the hour session on Psycho Sexual health and hygiene was conducted by Mrs.Saras Bhaskar on Aug 11th, 2019. The session was conducted exclusively for boys and around 100 Agaram students attended the session. The importance of sexual health and hygiene in today's world was discussed. The influence of social media on adolescents and the need for control of emotions were stressed. The students were briefed upon the developmental changes/challenges they undergo, the impact of emotional development and on relationship management. The program lasted for two hours , including one hour of Q&A.

The session was an eye opener for the students and the feedback received about the session was overwhelming. Majority of students participated in the Q&A session and made it useful to them by clarifying their personal queries related to Sexual health and hygiene.





Orientation Session - To provide insight about counselling process.

An orientation session on general counselling was organized for the 1st year college students on 27th Jan'19 by Agaram Foundation. This was conducted by the R2F - Counselling Psychologists to provide basic information on What is counselling, Who needs counselling, How they can approach if they need counselling etc. along with some related case studies. The purpose of this session is to assist them understand on how they can make use of the counselling services provided by Agaram through the team of R2F-Counselling Psychologists. At the end of the session, students were asked to place their request in the drop-box if they need counselling, which will help R2F counsellors to take it forward.